The Vinyl Library


I had no idea how awesome the Toronto Reference Library (TRL) has become!  The last time I stepped foot in there was back in my University days to cram for exams in the study cubbies.   In April, 2018, I attended a Music Tech Meetup at the library hosted by Alan Cross, and was totally blown away by all the Toronto Reference Library now has to offer in Music, Culture, Arts and Entertainment.

Did you know that the TRL has over 15,000 vinyl albums?  Genres include everything. And I mean everything!  Comedy, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Opera, EDM, World Music, Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, Funk, Pop, Rock, Folk and Canadiana.  Check out or visit the Arts Information Desk on the 5th Floor at the Reference Library for more details.

TRL also offers an Open Mic Platform!  They even have an acoustic guitar and a digital piano, so you don’t have to schlep your guitar on the subway.  For more info call the Arts Department at 416-393-7157.  There are sessions throughout the year.  No registration is required and you just show up at 5:30 pm the day of the session.

Not only that, they have Green Screen rooms, access to audio and video productions, Digital Innovation Hubs, DJ classes, and more. Check out for more great programs at the Toronto libraries.

See? Having Fun isn’t hard when you have a library card!  There’s even a t-shirt and a song about it!