Kredit Carma

Having trouble getting credit due to your credit score? Here’s some tips.

  • Make your minimum (or more) payments on time.
  • Don’t skip payments.  Call lender if you think you’ll have trouble.
  • Credit card offering you a low rate if you transfer?  That’s “new credit” and it will drop your credit score. Keep an old no fee credit card open and use it here and there to keep it active.
  • Try to use less than 35% of your total available credit.
  • Too many credit inquiries will make you look like a credit seeker or trying to live beyond your means.  If it’s for a big purchase like a house, limit your credit shopping time to 14 days
  • Thinking of stiffing your cell phone bill?  Don’t. If it goes to collections, that will damage your score.
  • Mix it up between credit cards and loans/lines of credit.