Free Elixir Guitar Strings!

Checked your bank account lately, and surprised at the amount of money you are paying each month in fees? By making a few hacks you can save over $15 a month which will buy you a pack of strings.

  1. Check your bank account every few days, especially around the end of the month and beginning of the month when your fees get charged and your rent comes out. If you are hit with high service fees and the end of the month, you could run into your account being overdrawn on rent day.
  2. Step away from the private white label machine…Some machines will cost you up to $8.40 to get $20, that’s over 40% of what you are withdrawing (or half a pack of Elixir strings). Instead, try to use the bank machine from your bank (ie don’t use CIBC machine to get money from your TD account).
  3. Consider using “cashback” from retailers. If you are in Walmart, LCBO or grocery store, and know you are short on hard cash, ask for cashback. It will only count as one transaction and save the ATM fee.
  4. Ask you buddy for $20 and send him an e-mail money transfer. That may cost you $1.50, but sure is better than spending $8.40 to get $20.
  5. Click here for more details on ABM fees.